Von: Hans Bernhard <hans@ubermorgen.com>

Datum: 2. Mai 2006 02:04:30 GMT+02:00

An: various

Betreff: Police officer killed in Berlin?



We hereby declare this found footage video to be an

actionist UBERMORGEN.COM art piece named

„Foriginal Media Hack no. 1, Web 2.0“. a physical

manifestation that is to be viewed as a document of the art.





//Media Hack Distributor




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Hans Bernhard



Am 02.05.2006 um 01:43 schrieb Barbara Alex:


Von: "Barbara Alex" <alex10969@gmail.com>

Datum: 1. Mai 2006 22:42:54 GMT+02:00

An: hans@ubermorgen.com

Betreff: copkiller


Dear Hans


I ran into this brutal beating up of a cop during the 1st of may

demonstrations in berlin-kreuzberg, i was walking into a backyard and

there they were, 4 guys attacking, beating up this officer... after i

started filming with my mobile the guys started to hit more brutally.

dunno if this guy ever gets up again, they really beat the shit out of

him. While filming another cop turned up and i ran away.


B. Alex